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Norseman Cup 2015

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I’ve been a bit behind with blogging after finishing up on the Gold Fever; 120 Years of Norseman book. I guess I may have needed a break from the computer screen and words and everything related haha. After such an intense journey It has been a challenge to get the balance between the pursuit of passion and real life! Damn sure thing that real life can get in the way of a lot of dreaming…

Weekend gone by I got to go back to Norseman to experience the Norseman Cup for the first time!! It was a fun as I expected, with the usual goldfields backdrop red dirt, 90% humidity and a purple tainted skyscape when the sun started to go down!

After the races had finished I also got to experience my first Two-Up game, a real bush institution for wheeling and dealing, I got to grips with the betting and managed to make a tenner; I also managed to loose it haha…

We missed the courtesy bus on both occasions to and from the turf club as we were having bit too much fun, ultimately we  had to endue the rough 4 block walk back to the Hotel. So glad I didn’t get the bus in the end as I would have missed the run we had to make to get over the train tracks before the Koolyanobbing – Esperence 2km long iron ore carting train would cut us off and leave us waiting under a sky about to implode.

If you ever plan on attending the Norseman races; high heels are not advised, unless you plan carrying a pair of flats (in case of emergencies, of course!)

A Grand day had by all!!

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Gold Fever

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It’s not often that you are presented with the opportunity to tick off an ambition. That is to say without patience, dedication, hard work and belief in yourself, being the primary factors, that contribute to carving the way towards fulfilment…

Five weeks ago I embarked on researching the foundations for what is to be a commemorative book about Norseman; a gold mining town in the gold fields of Western Australia celebrating 120 years young. Last week, on my second visit, I had planned to create a team shot of the remaining employees of Norseman Gold before operations cease in the coming weeks. Thankfully the shoot went really well, the photograph set for publication in September had all the landmarks, sunshine and smiles required for defining this iconic contemporary moment in the towns history.That evening after showing the team photographs I was presented with the opportunity to go underground and photograph the miners in their operating environment!!   Ever since I can remember all I’ve ever wanted to do was go underground and photograph a gold mine ~ Never in my life time did  I ever think this moment would present itself.

This is only a fraction of story’s to be told and photographed which will be featured in the commemorative book about 120 years of Norseman. Please contact me on if you have any stories to share.


View the full gallery of Norseman Gold mines & miners by clicking this link

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#Metroprintselfie selected for display at Sony World photography Awards Exhibtion

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Exciting news to have my #Metroprintselfie photograph selected for exhibit at the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition #SWPAexhibition in Somerset House, London till May 18th.

Have a look at this link to view all 50 selected images for this display. If your in London try make it along to the exhibition, promise you won’t be disappointed!

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5 ways to thinking SMART

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Making informed and educated decisions that leave yourself vulnerable and open to failure we would all agree is an act of silliness?

Everyday I wake up, have my breakfast, drink a coffee in preparation for a day in the office. I have always wanted to walk in my shoes, and now I do, I think how brave other people are that took the step to self employment before me. More so those who have embarked in self employment in the ‘Arts’ industry (the industry that doesn’t pay). I wonder if I will ever get to the stage when I don’t wonder when my next client will ask me to help them, with the anticipation that I won’t worry about paying the rent, I won’t worry about not having provisions for the future or feel the pang over spending money on materials – do I really need them?

Being vulnerable gives you an advantage to want to succeed. There are a few key things I have learned on my short stint that apply to all industries and thinking ‘SMART’ is guiding me and may help you…

1. Support
I’m not talking about your partner, parents, friends despite them playing a vital role in keeping you sane. I’m talking about your industry, find a support within you industry. You will learn from each other, share work practices, network and help each other out.

2. Mentality
Keep smiling, eat well, get sleep. When your head is about to explode with all the mulit tasking, sit back and have think to yourself, can I leave for 30mins and take a walk? If your head isn’t clear you are not clear.

3. Awareness
Know what’s happening in your field. Read up on blogs, changing laws, attend events. Might seem like alot of work, but if you can hone in on your interests then you can identify what events and reading material are important to you. Learn new techniques and pay for the necessary courses, this is essential to keeping you up to speed and making your work flow efficient.

4. Review
Set goals and review them. Know the difference between attainable goals and fantasy. From experience I’ve only reached goals when I’ve had a plan in place, I realise this because I’ve reviewed them. The same applies to your work. When you finish a job and hand it over, spend time looking over it, and think about what you could have done different, when you do this you always improve on your next job, and more importantly learn.

5. Time
Your time is precious. If you are asked to contribute your time make sure it is in your interest and that you will leave having gained from the experience too. Your time is valuable to you, your family and work. If you set boundaries and plan your time spent on projects and with clients you will find a better work flow. I find the most important time I spend is a short 30mins for planning my day. I achieve the most and feel more settled knowing what needs to be done.

I am 3 short months into being self employed with a small business in photography, and despite the financial concerns I wish I had the confidence to do this earlier in my life.

Portraits for Emma Chapman

I’ve been working with Emma over the past 4 years and in that time she has had her debut novello published.

How to be a Good Wife hit real and virtual bookshelves around new years arrival of 2013. It is a truly remarkable debut, I laughed nervously, cried and swallowed in the narrative full of tension,centred in realism and questioned the struggle we face of establishing identity.

I had the pleasure of being asked to create portraits for her book. Our initial working friendship began in Fremantle Western Australia, but London became the shoot location. Bishops Park was selected by Emma, it was close to her abode when she was studying her MA in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway and became a thinking place where ideas formed for this novel.

The last image is from outside ‘The Society Club‘ in Soho London on the launch night of ‘How To Be A Good Wife’. It was a bitterly cold January night and I had managed to arrive late, just reaching the door as Emma started to speak. I waited outside until the talking had finished to enter the full and blissfully warm room. I had missed the ‘shot’ from inside but funnily I think I managed to capture a different and interesting shot of steamed up windows, the venue and Emma standing with her back to the door reading an excerpt.

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Design by Stephen Banville and William Hardie

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In 2011 Stephen asked me to catalogue his design work for The London Design Festival, along with his colleagues work William Hardie. These one off pieces were photographed in their shared studio space in Hackney, East London, before the exhibition was installed in the cultural pop up spaces in Brick Lane London. Stephens work below encompasses simple linear domestic functionalities that we use in day to day living.

Williams work focuses space and practicality of the every day object. The block shifting to a functional cutlery set with sleek lines and the use or organic materials.

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Barney Mckenna – RIP

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Banjo Medley


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